Downscale Residence Time Model

Scaling biotech processes from lab to production is hard. Traditional approaches include a stepwise upscale, modeling approaches, or keeping width/height proportions or energy entry similar. Other concepts try to get the lifelines similar, for example, the starvation times, which are much longer in higher volumes and act directly on the cells.

Creating these conditions in a small downscale reactor was previously not possible - with p4b's perfect DownScale vessels, this becomes a reality. Decoupling stirrer speed from mixing with the patented wall-structured vessel for your small-scale reactor system provides possibilities not seen before.

This video shows residence times in starved conditions in a traditional 1L reactor and one of our perfect DownScale reactors, which allows the creation of the large-scale characteristics in small scale. This only became possible with our evolutionary AI and GPU-based CFD simulations (Thanks a lot to John Thomas and M-Star Simulations), which provide the CFD throughput we need for accurate calculations.